//Coin Metro XCM

Coin Metro XCM

Crypto Exchanges have been popping up everywhere since the initial crypto boom. One that has caught our eye has been CoinMetro. They are a start up exchange that promises new forms of trading accessible for everyone. They are looking to create one of the best and most powerful exchanges on the market today. Their team is headed by Kevin Murcko, the founder of FXPIG another massively popular trading tool. Kevin and his team are working to build an exchange that will allow for large volume trading with low cost to do so.

The part of this that caught our eye is that they are looking to do fiat to crypto trading. If they pull this off, it will be like coinbase, but for all coins. This could prove to be incredibly powerful ,as anyone can get into any crypto, without the learning curve of trading into other exchanges. This would allow for the facilitation of dollars or Euro’s directly into XRP, XLM, or even XMR, which has not been done yet.

While all of this sounds like this will be the best exchange on the market, there are some short comings. Currently it will not be available to anyone in the US who is not an accredited investor (which is most people) gearing it towards high volume investors and professionals. Also, they currently have no product available. They are currently holding an ICO in which users can purchase XCM for ETH,BTC, or LTC. XCM will be used to facilitate trades on the platform and will be burned in each trade making the value increase as more users trade on the platform. You can currently purchase XCM on their site for ~$0.15 which may be worth the investment if the exchange takes off.

So far, this looks to be a very promising exchange project run by some very expert people in crypto right now. It is definatly something to keep on eye on in the future.